Frequently asked questions

How does Effecto work?

Effecto allows you to easily record your mood, energy levels, symptoms, sleep, nutrition, other health metrics, and various factors daily, track your medications intake, and set up reminders.

You can then use the collected data to discover how different factors and habits affect your condition, find out your personal triggers, and identify unique relief methods that makes you feel better.

Significantly increase your overall health & wellbeing with smart changes that will help you reach your full potential.

Is Effecto backed by science?

Effecto is created together with a team of medical professionals to guarantee the highest quality app for all your health needs.

Effecto was evaluated in a systematic review of health apps in a peer-reviewed MDPI JAL journal and is recognized as the #1 app for monitoring chronic health conditions.

What about data privacy and confidentiality?

Your health data in the app is encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone but yourself. You are in complete control of your data and can delete everything at any time from within the app.

Our main priority will always be to help people make healthy decisions - we consider data privacy a top priority and will never breach the trust of our users.