Getting to know Effecto | Tips for a smooth start

1. Watch a quick starter guide on how to use the Effecto app

Alternatively, you can read our more detailed beginner guide below. 👇

We understand that starting something new can be overwhelming but don’t worry. Here are several tips for a simple and effective start with Effecto, which was just rated as the No. 1 chronic health conditions tracker and management app in a systematic review of a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

We all know that adopting new habits takes time. Start slowly! While you can track anything with Effecto, we highly recommend tracking only a few things in the beginning. Choose only the most important factors and stick to them. Seeing the benefits of tracking a few factors will give you the motivation to build new habits and your new healthier routine!

All of the widgets let you make multiple logs at different times of the day or you can make all your logs at once. And remember, the more data you enter, the better and more accurate insights you will get!

2. Welcome! Set up your Homepage

You can track pretty much anything with Effecto. Even though you’ve customized your homepage while setting up your account, you should definitely reorganize it once you get the hang of it and identify the most important things you will track.

Simply click on your profile icon at the top right of your homepage, go to Settings → App preferences → Customize Homepage, and build a page that brings the most value.

3. What’s a Factor?

For every little thing or detail you can track, we use one simple word that connects everything - Factor. This could mean a morning ritual, a meetup with friends, a party, today's weather, places you visit, hobbies. Whatever you can think of. Anything. You can even add a photo, icon, or emoji to the factor making it more personal and fun. Your most commonly logged factors appear on the homepage and less frequent ones can be found if you expand the widget.

The Factors can be fully customized. Simply click the expand button to expand the Factors widget, and make it personal: add any new Factor you can think of, edit Factors’ categories, or create new customized Factors’ categories yourself. Once created, you can always find your custom Factors in this section and select them with a simple click.

4. Unique symptoms, medications & supplements for every health condition

We understand that everyone is different and has their own needs. That’s why you can track Symptoms, Medications & Supplements that suit your health goals the best. Health is always a priority, therefore, we recommend spending some extra minutes customizing these sections at the start.

4.1. Creating your symptoms

To edit your Symptoms, click the expand button in this section and press the edit icon. Symptoms are by default added to Mental or Physical categories, but you can always create your own. Once you’re done with that, you’ll be able to rate your symptom’s severity from your homepage with just a couple of clicks.

Tip: Don’t forget, for the days that you don’t experience a symptom, mark its severity as 0 to create more accurate insights.

4.2. Managing your medications & supplements

To edit your Medications & Supplements, click the expand button in this section and add new meds or supplements. You can schedule doses and reminders for every medication and Effecto will send you notifications so you wouldn’t miss one. Once you set it up, you can log your doses straight from the homepage. If you forgot to mark your dose on time, you can do it later and specify the exact time you took it.

Tip: Don’t forget, a missed dose is equally important! Mark every taken or missed dose to create more accurate insights.

5. Analyze what impacts your health on the Insights page

To access your insights and statistics, you can click on the statistics icon on your homepage at the top right of each of the widgets or you can simply find them in the Insights screen where you can select which things and for which period you want to see. Here you will be able to see your average ratings, counts, trends and changes between different periods, correlations, see your medication reports, or what effect it had on your symptoms, and see how different factors affect your symptoms, mood, sleep, or anything else you wish to analyze.

Tip: To start seeing Effects you must have 3 days with a factor, for example, "Gym", and 3 days when that factor did not occur.

Using the Effecto app for a week consistently is sure to give you actionable Insights. Let's say you want to find out how to improve your mood. Choose "Mood" from the dropdown menu at the top and discover a snapshot of what your mood was like recently. Take a look at the "Effect on Mood" widget and see that "Work from home" and "Busy day" had the best effect. Try to have more days like these next week and see if it works!

Tip: Remember - the more days you’ll track, the more accurate insights will be.

6. Keep all data in one place! Sync with Google Fit or Apple Health

By syncing Effecto with your phone’s health app, you can automatically track your Steps, Sleep, Weight, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Water intake. If you haven't already synced, simply click on your profile icon at the top right of your homepage to reach Settings → App preferences → Connected Health Apps and turn on syncing.

Keep in mind that syncing is not the only option. You can always make manual entries of Health Measurements by yourself.

Tip: You can even log multiple health metrics entries throughout the day, for example, your naps.

Still have questions about Effecto? Let us know how we can help you. Reach out to us on Telegram, FB, IG, Reddit, Twitter, or just write us an email at [email protected].